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Real money for the real economy made by Kiwis.
Using RedPill

You can start using RedPill as money once 750,000 Kiwis have receive their 10,000 free, no questions asked.

When that time comes you need 0.001 Waves tokens ( about 0.2 NZ cents) to pay the Waves blockchain to make a transaction. (In a similar way that Efpos charges a retailer to process your credit card, Waves needs to be paid to process payments with RedPIll.)

If you are new to crypto-currencies and need some Waves token to get you started here are three options:

  1. ask a friend to send you a small amount of any major crypto coin to your Waves account where you can trade them for Waves tokens.
  2. Buy Waves tokens directly from your Waves account using a credit card or AdvCash wallet.
  3. Enter your waves address below and we will put 0.05 Waves into your account from donations we receive. That will be enough for 5 transactions.

    Thank you. we will send you a donation as soon as we have the funds available.