Stable, decentralised, free.
Real money for the real economy made by Kiwis.

Kiwis have now received their 10,000 RedPill.

If each tells two friends we can start using RedPill as money in just weeks.

RedPill is your chance to be one of the 750,000 Kiwis securing their future with stable, decentralised money. Download the Waves app today to receive your 10,000 RedPill free, no questions asked. Then spread the word. You can start using RedPIll once all have been distributed.

Events of 2020 show how fast things can change in the NZ economy. RedPill money is designed as protection against

  • The economic hardships of recession
  • Loss of spending power through inflation
  • The NZD becoming worthless through hyperinflation
  • Seizure of money in the bank (bail in).

RedPill has no central authority. Fixed supply means no inflation. Its link to the value of gold ensures long term stability. In short RedPill is real money for a real economy, created by Kiwis.

To participate create a Waves wallet (click here for details) and enter your Waves address in the box below to receive your 10,000 free RedPill.

Create a Waves Address

To receive your RedPill create a Waves Exchange account. Versions available include:

Once completed the sign up process you are given your Waves address. Your can find it in the top right hand corner. Enter that onto the RedPill website to receive your 10,000 token allocation. That’s it! Please do not enter your Waves address more than once. Duplicates are rejected.

Have my RedPill arrived?

We issue new RedPill once a week. You can check if your RedPill have arrived by clicking on “Wallet” in your Waves account.

Alternatively enter your email address on the website and receive regular updates on progress towards the RedPill launch. This is a general announcement as we have no way of linking your Waves account to your email address.

Enter your waves address below to receive 10,000 RedPill free


Your waves address has been added successfully

RedPill are issued once a week. Check your Waves wallet in one week’s time

Start using RedPill once 25% of adult Kiwis (750,000 of us) have received their 10,000 Redpill. Once the currency starts to circulate you won’t need us anymore. RedPill will be stable money for Kiwis no strings attached.

Help bring the launch closer by sending a text or email to at least two friends.

Click on the link below to tell a friend

Estimated days before you can start using RedPill

365 Days

At launch RedPill owners like you set the value of RedPill by using them at the Target Price of

1,000 RedPill = 1 oz of physical gold
amount to convert:
100.00 New Zealand Dollars (NZD) equals
35 RedPill

You can always find the price of RedPill by Googling the NZD price of gold and dividing by 1,000. All owners have the same incentive to keep RedPill’s value stable by using them at the Target Price.

People need some Waves tokens to use their RedPill from their Waves wallet. Not everyone is yet crypto-savvy and knows how to fund their account. If you already own crypto and want to help send a donation and we will put 0.005 Waves, about 1 NZ cent in each account that asks for help. That is enough for 5 transactions to get them started. Every NZ dollar donated helps around 100 people get started with their RedPill. (We pay the transfer fee.)

people are asking for help


have already been funded.


send donations to:




(minimum amount 0.001 Ether)



(minimum amount 0.0001 BTC)



(minimum amount 0.1 LTC)